How do I get help?

Children who suffer from urine leakage and have become old enough to be bothered by it themselves – usually by the age of six – should seek (and get) help. The previously so common attitude from healthcare providers that ”don’t worry, you will see that you’ll grow out of it” can no longer be defended for these children.

The first place to seek help for these children is the primary care or, for children of school age, the school healthcare system. Thus, the general practitioner’s out-patient ward (Vårdcentralen) or the school nurse/doctor should be the one to contact first. How to find them is well described in the phonebook’s green and blue pages. If the GP or school nurse/doctor doesn’t succeed in helping your child to become dry he/she will seek the help of a paediatrician or a paediatric nurse.

If, by an unlucky chance, you have been met by the afore-mentioned ”wait and see”-attitude or not been taken seriously by your primary care physician or school healthcare provider, we suggest that you contact the nearest paediatric outpatient ward and seek help from them. The paediatric out-patient ward is usually but not uniformly located at the nearest hospital. The address can easily be found in the blue pages of the phonebook. You are welcome to refer your doctor or nurse to us if they have questions.

By clicking below you get access to information leaflets regarding common bladder-related problems in childhood.

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The bladder and the soul.pdf